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After hearing the truth of God’s love at school from our teachers, most of our students go on to volunteer in the community.

Yet education experts are telling the government:

  • Christian teachers at Christian schools should not be able to teach “the truth” of the Christian faith.
  • Christian schools shouldn’t be able to hire teachers for the quality of their Christian faith.

Why would we let ‘experts’ stop the good our teachers do?

Good news from our teachers and staff

Here’s just a few of the stories teachers and staff have shared about how their faith makes a difference at our school:

“The Bible teaches us that all people are made in the image of God. Working out this truth in your daily activities is seen in the acknowledgement of the inherent worth of each student (even when their behaviour is challenging) and the uniqueness of each individual that needs to be fostered.”
– Felicity

“The teachings of the Bible shape all my interactions with my students; including starting the day with devotions and prayer together, incorporating the Bible and God’s plan into my lessons and guiding me through conversations with students who might be navigating a tough experience or friendship issues. Being able to pray and talk with students about God is so important to me and I feel it is valued by parents at all the faith-based schools at which I have worked.”
– Claire

“I was struggling with a particular class and one of my colleagues came alongside to support me and speak to the class.  Some of the students stood up at the end and genuinely expressed remorse at their behaviour.  I have never experienced this sense of sincerity and truth – and forgiveness – before in all my years in teaching.  Teaching in a Christian school gives students and teachers the opportunity to be real, open and honest in a way which is  rare in a non-faith environment.”
– Ann

Good news from our parent community

We want to hear from you! Share some good news about how the faith of teachers and staff has made a difference in the life of your family.

Share why you thank God for Christian teachers and staff

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