A direct attack on faith and freedom of belief in Australia

A chilling line-in-the-sand moment.

We need your support to show our political representatives how many people value the Christian faith of teachers and staff.

Australian Christians are facing a chilling, line-in-the-sand moment.

On 21 March, the final recommendations of the Australian Law Reform Commission were released. They are appalling. We stand by the Christian Schools statement, reported in The Australian, that its recommendations are a direct attack on faith and freedom of belief in Australia.

If the Government accepts these ALRC recommendations, Christian schools won’t have the freedom to preference people who share the same traditional Christian values and beliefs when making employment decisions.

You’re part of a growing movement. And you’ve shown the Attorney General that there is a red line when it comes to Christian schools valuing the faith of Christian teachers. We, as a community, will never resile from that.

But the people that the Prime Minister and Attorney General listen to are their own MPs and Senators. Especially those in marginal seats in the outer suburbs.

Write to your MP

If you haven’t done so yet, now is absolutely the time. If you feel like your concerns have been ignored, tell those who represent you—your MP or Senator.

Ask them to speak to the Attorney General, to other parliamentarians, to their party leader. Ask for their assurance that they will find a way to draw up a law that values the faith of our teachers.

This campaign has now closed.

Please join our latest campaign to contact your local MPs on the positive right of Christian schools