Stories of good news from current and former students

The faith of Christian teachers and staff has a life-changing impact on students.

Student in Victoria

Owing to influences from outside school, especially the Internet, I developed depression, and felt I had no purpose. I did not know who I was. My Christian teachers prayed for me and supported me, encouraging me with powerful Bible verses, and helping me to realise who I really am – a confident young man of faith. If I hadn’t had this support, I might not be here today. My parents chose a Christian school because they wanted to pass on the same values that they had been brought up with. My Christian education helped deliver me from the dark and terrible thoughts that came about from the internet, and taught me about Christian living, and how to deal with the challenges that life throws at me.

Student in Queensland

I went to [school name] for 13 years. For all the years that I was at school, in the classroom and all through any extra curricular activities, all of my teachers had a positive impact on my schooling education! They were patient, kind and loving regardless of the situation, always living by and applying the fruits of the spirit to their actions and words. They always had my best interests in mind and would go above and beyond to see me succeed in everything I do but especially in helping me figure out the person I’m meant to be in this big world. They challenged me, in a good way, and positively helped shape my worldview as they showed me the Love of Jesus Christ and taught me how to better treat others from the teachings of the Bible! Their Christian faith and biblical understandings gave me hope for my future and those around me.

Student in Victoria

My life has been greatly enriched by attending a Christian school. Not only because of the teachings and the structure of the day, but because of the relationships that each staff member was willing to make and demonstrate Christ’s love to every student. My future wasn’t pressured but rather nurtured into a hopeful promise of being a Christ-like person. Every success and achievement wasn’t broadcasted for prideful purposes but to reinforce the humble character of the school’s values. My life will forever be shaped in the likeness of Jesus, and I am beyond grateful for that.

Kuet Qeun
Student in Western Australia

My non-religious atheist parents transferred me to a Christian school midway through my primary education because they wanted me to be inculcated with good moral and ethical values besides good academic education. My parents told me later that they liked what they saw in the person I had become, and they too decided to embrace the Christian faith for themselves.

Student in NSW

When I heard about the Christian faith in year 7 and saw the authentic lives my Christian teachers lived, I wanted to be part of this myself. Having Christian teachers who taught the Christian faith made my faith journey an authentic experience and allowed me to feel safe and confident about the choice I was making. I want this to be the experience of my children when I one day send them to a Christian school. Christian teachers taught me not only academically, but holistically (emotional, spiritual, physical, mental well-being).

Student in Victoria

Though I have graduated as a student, the impact that the staff have had on me will last a lifetime and I will always look up to these individuals as faithful role models. I thank each and every one of the staff members for treating every student, including myself, with the love that the Bible tells us to treat each other with in John 15:12 which states “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you”. This school community is something I will not forget and is also something I look forward to coming back to in the future.

Student in Victoria

The teachers at this school exemplify their faith in such a way that encourages me to strengthen my relationship with God. Their faith is displayed through their kindness, compassion and generosity, they bring comfort and joy to any moment. Personally, teachers have helped me through times of grief and stress by praying for me, giving me biblical advice and checking in on me often. This school would not be the same without the teachers and their Christian faith!

Student in Queensland

Students who had been expelled repeatedly from other schools were embraced and included as valued and significant members of our school communities. Teachers noticed and challenged students who were excelling to both extend and share thier talents with the school and wider community. While in theory these two examples may also be evident in state schools, the principles of forgiveness and of giving ones best for God and others were held consistently by the Christian teachers. The Christian community was for me the most significant difference between Christian schools and state schools. I could not imagine a Christian School without Christian teachers living out their faith by loving God and those around them.

Student in Queensland

It is both the doing and the saying of the Christian faith that makes an impact on students here.

Student in the ACT

Having a teacher with faith really influences their teaching style in a way where they are focused on not only results, but also having a positive relationship with their students. I find that teachers at my school really value love and implement this into their teaching style on multiple fronts.

Student in Queensland

I firmly believe that having Christian teachers at my side during my schooling years encouraged me to persevere and push further. Their faith and love for God had truly motivated me to treat others with kindness and to understand that there is more to life than the temporary things of this world.

The teacher’s and staff’s faith in God at my school had always made me feel safe and welcomed at school. I knew that they loved God and followed these values. They continued to display these principles as well which helped comfort and reassure me during hard times.