A simple message to the Attorney General

The Treasurer Jim Chalmers heard you. It’s time Attorney General Dreyfus received your best advice too.

Complete this form and your message will be shared with the Attorney General Mark Dreyfus.

Last month, we let you know how effective your emails and prayers were.

The Attorney General has also been reading recommendations from lawyers at the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) about new laws that would affect generations of students.

As you can read in our Issue Briefing, suggested changes to the Federal anti-discrimination laws could shape the culture of our schools for generations.

If you have found the culture of your Christian school and the living faith of staff something that you value, now would be the perfect time to let the Attorney General know before he makes his final decision about the Government’s response to the ALRC report.

And if you feel that it’s the Christian teachers and staff, sincerely living out their faith, that have made our schools places of compassion, you could let him know that too.

If you have five minutes, please send him a quick message here. Also, please take that time to pray for the Attorney General, that he would make wise decisions that benefit all of Australia’s children.

This campaign has now closed.

Please join our latest campaign to contact your local MPs in response to dangerous ALRC recommendations