Stephen McAlpine on the challenges faced by Christian schools

Stephen McAlpine is the Director for Cultural Engagement at City to City Australia. His role is to help churches and other faith settings such as Christian schools engage faithfully and fruitfully with the secular culture in which we find ourselves.

In this 4-part series, Stephen is interviewed by Vanessa Cheng, Executive Officer, Association of Australian Christian Schools about the challenges facing Christian schools and how we might respond.

“It would be a good time now to be very clear about what we say is at the centre of our Christian Schools. What we’re saying is at the core of our values there’s a reason for them – it’s Christianity. And only Christianity will spring those values up.”
– Stephen McAlpine

Part 1: The Legislative Framework for Christian Schools

Part 2: The Nature of Christian Schools

Part 3: Cultural Changes in Australia and Churches’ Response

Part 4: The Role of City to City