Seven graduates reflect on the impact of their teachers' Christian faith

As the year comes to a close, another cohort of year 12 students finish thirteen years of schooling. This educational journey is filled with many ups and downs and teachers patiently and generously walk this path with students. They are not only teachers but also mentors and role models. Their daily example in word and deed is observed by their students who are deeply appreciative of its impact over many years.

Seven graduates of Christian schools share their stories about what their teachers’ faith meant to them. The names of the schools have been removed but the words of the students are unchanged.

Abigail: The Christian faith of my teachers meant a focus on relationships, not just results

“Having a teacher with faith really influences their teaching style in a way where they are focused on not only results, but also having a positive relationship with their students. I find that teachers at my school really value love and implement this into their teaching style on multiple fronts.”


Justine: The Christian faith of my teachers meant feeling safe and welcomed

“I firmly believe that having Christian teachers at my side during my schooling years encouraged me to persevere and push further. Their faith and love for God had truly motivated me to treat others with kindness and to understand that there is more to life than the temporary things of this world.

The teacher’s and staff’s faith in God at my school had always made me feel safe and welcomed at school. I knew that they loved God and followed these values. They continued to display these principles as well which helped comfort and reassure me during hard times.”


Michael: The Christian faith of my teachers helped me overcome unhealthy habits

“I needed help to get out of my new habit of gaming. My Christian teachers were AMAZING! With God’s help and their wonderful support, care, encouragement and prayers, I managed to return to the straight path of balance with school work as my priority. The Christian teachers and staff at my school literally changed life.”


Caitlyn: The Christian faith of my teachers meant I remain steadfast in my faith

“Upon talking to students from other schools, I have come to realise that the relationships students have with our staff is unique to our school. Not only are our teachers’ excellent educators, they are also such supportive pillars who offer us Godly advice in every circumstance whether it be related to school or differing life scenarios.

I thank each and every one of the staff members for treating every student, including myself, with the love that the bible tells us to treat each other with in John 15:12 which states “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you”. This school community is something I will not forget and is also something I look forward to coming back to in the future.

Knowing every day that the staff are praying for us in their morning devotions outside of the classroom, has made me feel so supported and encouraged to keep on remaining positive in God’s plan, especially during this VCE examination period, and for this support I will always be grateful to the teachers and staff for.

The staff at my Christian school have been Godly role models, they are always sharing devotions whether it be in the classroom or at school camps, and as a result of this, they have helped me remain steadfast in my faith and also be able to share about it freely.”


Nikki: The Christian faith of my teachers meant open conversations where Jesus was at the centre

“I found the faith of staff members at my school very encouraging in helping to grow the faith of their students and allowing faith to be easily discussed at school. The staff prayed for us regularly throughout the year and, most notably, with us just before we went into our exams. Jesus was intermingled in all aspects of school life, which was one of my favourite things about my school. Faith was of the utmost importance, which was reflected by all staff members. To have a normal conversation including the topic of faith was not an uncommon occurrence at my school between staff and students, which cannot be found everywhere and is to be highly valued in today’s world.”


Rachael: The Christian faith of my teachers meant compassion and care

“This school has been, for my entire schooling, the breath for my lungs. But the older and closer to finishing I got, I started to realise and appreciate my teachers for being actively involved in shaping me. The more I learnt about them, and the more relatable they became, the more I felt I could lean on them and be supported. As a whole, each of my teachers, and the staff as a whole, have been caring, compassionate and fruitfully interested in developing mine, alongside each student’s faith.

In particular, I found times when I would relate to a teacher or feel comfortable discussing certain topics. This opened avenues to delve deeper in my understanding of faith and through their support, I was able to strengthen my Christian values. Whether in devotions or during breaks, any chance I got to talk to teachers, especially in my final years, was filled with encouragement and insight. In times of doubt or challenges, I’ve felt comfortable approaching staff to share what’s been on my mind, and they have been so compassionate and caring. Occasionally, they would pray for me or act in such a way that demonstrates Christ’s loving behaviour. This helped me through my education, but also sparked further growth and intrigue in learning about God and the Christian faith as a whole.

My life has been greatly enriched by attending a Christian school. Not only because of the teachings and the structure of the day, but because of the relationships that each staff member was willing to make and demonstrate Christ’s love to every student. My future wasn’t pressured but rather nurtured into a hopeful promise of being a Christ-like person. Every success and achievement wasn’t broadcasted for prideful purposes but to reinforce the humble character of the school’s values. My life will forever be shaped in the likeness of Jesus, and I am beyond grateful for that.”


Kenzie: The Christian faith of my teachers meant comfort and joy

“As I reflect back on my time at this school, I realise how blessed I am to have been part of such an amazing community. Education is where we learn, where we grow our minds, and create habits that stick with us for the rest of our lives. Having a faith based education has taught me more about Christianity, I have grown my faith and created a biblical foundation which will guide me as I continue through the journey of life. 

The teachers at this school exemplify their faith in such a way that encourages me to strengthen my relationship with God. Their faith is displayed through their kindness, compassion and generosity, they bring comfort and joy to any moment. Personally, teachers have helped me through times of grief and stress by praying for me, giving me biblical advice and checking in on me often. This school would not be the same without the teachers and their Christian faith!”


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