Our Christian staff are THE difference

Why do so many parents, even those without Christian faith, choose to enrol their children to a Christian school?

Research continues to show that one factor motivates parents above all others – ‘Christian values’.

Where do these values come from?

What is it that ensures these values are alive in our schools and not just a collection of words printed out, stuck on a wall and never referred to again?

Speaking at the graduation ceremony at the end of this year, Ian Hewitt, principal of Trinity Christian School in Canberra gave an inspiring speech about where these values come from and how they can be protected for future generations.

Here are his inspiring words:

In so many places within our community we hear about the core values of an organisation and how staff are asked to support these core values and beliefs. At Trinity we don’t only employ staff who support our Christian beliefs and values, but staff who also live this out through their personal Christian faith.

Our staff have given many years of Christian service to our school and in many cases they have also served in other Christian schools in Australia or indeed overseas. 

I ask you to just pause for a moment and think about what it is that you value about our school—whether you are a student, parent or other family member:

  • Is it the values that we hold as Christians?
  • Is it that we care for and care about each of our students?
  • Is it that our students are supported to achieve their academic potential?
  • Is it that we pray for and pray with our students?
  • Is it the sense of community that Trinity offers?
  • Or is it that we grow loving hearts, enquiring minds and generous spirits?

While each of these should and are valued, one of the most valuable assets we have is our staff. In our city, in our country and around the world at this time, there is a lot of pressure from many directions to remove our capacity to employ only Christian staff. 

However, if you want us to continue to thrive as a Christian school, the school that have chosen for your children, we must all work together to protect this. Our Christian staff are THE difference. 

Parents like you across the country are already having their say through My Christian School. Many of the comments there also reflect what we hear from our families. 

Comments like:

“The teacher’s love and care for my children is unlike any other school”

“Christian teachers and staff make a huge difference at a Christian school as their beliefs and faith carry through to our children”

“We all need like minded people surrounding us to flourish and prosper, and that is especially so for children and youth”

Can I urge each one in our community and more broadly in Christian communities across the country to take the time to subscribe to the website My Christian School and help us protect the Christian school we have.

As we recognise the tireless efforts of our staff as they live out their Christian faith can I ask you personally thank them with some words of gratitude before the end of the school year.

Trinity Christian School has not lost sight of what our founders established in 1980. As the current custodians of this school we will continue to seek God’s wisdom and strength in this His school and give thanks for all our Christian staff.

We are building a grassroots movement of Australians who want to pass on this good news to future generations.

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