Christian teachers are putting their faith to work. And the results are good news.

Students who are shaped by the faith of Christian teachers are shaping Australia for the better. Most go on to care for older Australians, or the environment. They’re more likely to join sport and community groups.

Unfortunately, we have some bad news. There are some academics and policy experts who want to restrict the ways Christian teachers teach our students.

Christian teachers need your support.

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We’re building a movement of Australians who believe that Christian schools are good news. Australians who want to keep this good news coming for future generations.


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We are building a grassroots movement of Australians who want to pass on this good news to future generations.


Christian schools want to keep making a difference

Motivated by a living faith in Christ, it’s our teachers who make Christian Schools special. Research shows it’s making a lifelong difference to Aussie kids.

Teacher in NSW

In all schools, you’re gonna have teachers that care for their students and are invested in their students. But in a Christian school, the difference is that you have teachers who have the ability to get alongside students and pray for them and walk along a journey with them.

Teacher in WA

Children at our school come from a number of different faiths. We also have many children who bring social or emotional challenges. Knowing Jesus’ compassion, our staff – including the office, maintenance, canteen, and teaching staff have the freedom to talk about God’s love for these individuals. We can encourage and pray with our students where appropriate. Planting seeds and nurturing them is a privilege.

Parent in VIC

There is a wonderful sense of welcome, compassion and appreciation for the grace of God at our Christian school. I have a great sense of peace knowing that the staff share in our Christian belief and values.

Kuet Quan
Former student in WA

My non-religious atheist parents transferred me to a Christian school midway through my primary education because they wanted me to be inculcated with good moral and ethical values besides good academic education. My parents told me later that they liked what they saw in the person I had become, and they too decided to embrace the Christian faith for themselves.

Former student in QLD

I am particularly grateful for the Christian teachers at the Christian schools I attended. Their genuine holistic approach to educating children and young people was inspiring. Students who had been expelled repeatedly from other schools were embraced and included as valued and significant members of our school communities.

Teacher in WA

Being a Christian teacher is a chance to speak life and bring hope to students and families in a culture that desperately needs it.

Parent in NSW

When I decided to send my son to a Christian School I thought I’d just be helping him to focus better on his studies. I didn’t realise I’d also benefit from my interactions with the staff from a Christian school. The teachers at the school loved their Christian values and faith, and lived vastly different lives from mine, which at first I found difficult but interesting. Their caring influence had a calming effect on the children & on me too, which I enjoyed.

Teacher in QLD

Jesus came not to be served but to serve. Christian teachers serve their students and families, showing love and humility because that is what Christ has called us to.

Teacher in NSW

Teaching children is very rewarding, but at times it can be a tough road. Knowing that I have been called by God to do this helps in the harder times and also helps me to encourage children when they are struggling in their learning.

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