Christian school is good news for teen parents

“The teachers speak life into you and encourage you to reach your full potential.”

At 7.05am, Kaitlyn leaves home and pushes the pram with her two young boys up a hill to the bus stop. Two buses later, she arrives at school, drops her boys at the onsite early education and goes to class. It’s an early start and a long day for this young mum, but she’s committed to providing a better life for her and her children with the support of a one-of-a-kind Christian school in NSW.

With a mission to “provide quality education in a caring, secure and challenging learning environment based on Christian beliefs, values and practice”, St Philip’s Christian College in NSW is making a difference for young people like Kaitlyn and their children.

There are many barriers to completing school as a young parent, but St Philip’s Christian College Young Parents offer a dual generational approach to supporting our young parents and their children. As the young parent studies in their classroom, the children are also learning and developing skills in a stimulating and nurturing environment in the Early Learning Centre.

These young people are provided with care and support with the goal that every student will successfully complete their studies, achieve their Higher School Certificate and transition into tertiary education.

It is the only school of its kind in NSW and it is led by Christian teachers and staff who  share and live the same values:

  • Christ First – we want to honour Christ in all things.
  • Serve One Another – we want to appreciate the unique God-given potential of each person.
  • Strive For Excellence – we want to aim to do our very best all the time.
  • Do What Is Right – we want to always behave in a Christian manner.
  • Build Community – we want everyone to feel they belong.

The school’s multigenerational impact is evident in the comments on the school’s Facebook page:

🥰 I would have been lost without you guys back in 2011. So grateful that we have you guys in the area xx

I am forever grateful for this place. So many amazing opportunities that came my way! They helped shaped me into the person I am today. Forever grateful for dale 🫶

Love this school ❤️

Best thing I’ve ever did in my life, proud of everyone

The people, the memories and the place is something I will forever remember. Will forever be a loud voice for this school 🤍🤍

Amazing ❤️ Truely a lifesaving school. Miss you all

I’m so glad you’ve gotten media involved again to spread the word about Young parents! I will NEVER stop advocating for this place ❤️

I still remember heavily pregnant walking to the bus stop to attend dale. Now nine years later I often look back and am so beyond blessed for the opportunity and inclusion i was given. My blessing that changed the path of my life for the best and years later joining him was his baby brother.

You and all the young mums who are completing their education are an inspiration. I am so happy for the opportunities that lie ahead for you and for your children- you make our communities a better place to live and will inspire others with your stories. Congratulations. 

ABC News has published some wonderful stories about the school. Here’s another inspiring video: