Why do parents like you choose Christian schools?

There are five big reasons why parents like you are choosing Christian schools.

Here’s what over 8500 parents from 101 Christian schools across Australia said in a recent survey:

  1. For 3 in 4 parents like you, traditional Christian values and beliefs was very high to most important regarding their schooling choice.
  2. For 2 in 3 parents like you, it was Christian teaching for their child that was of high to extreme importance. They choose a school that taught their child community service and Christian studies.
  3. For nearly 1 in 2 parents like you, only a Christian school was even considered.
    1 in 5 only considered a single Christian school – such was their desire for a Christian education.
  4. Parents like you are extremely satisfied by their child’s social outcomes.
    Over 2 in 3 see good to very good outcomes in the school’s neighbourhood ‘common good’, and its social and interpersonal impact around and through their child.
  5. Parents like you are extremely satisfied with their child’s prospects.
    Over 62% said their child’s job and career prospects were good to very good.

Traditional Christian beliefs.
Christian teaching.
Nothing else but a Christian-focused school.
Great social outcomes for children.
Great prospects for their child’s future career.

These are the reasons given by parents like you, who prefer, have attended before, and keep coming back to Christian schools.

That is why Christian schools are essential – and the work of their staff is sacred.

This is why we must protect their unique culture, experience and consistent outcomes.

So that Christian staff can keep up their incredible work, chosen by parents, for generations to come.